About Finding the Frame

Finding the Frame is a gathering spot where multimedia journalists can receive feedback on their videos, audio slideshows and multimedia projects from industry professionals and fellow visual journalists.

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The Idea

Finding the Frame grew out of post Colin Mulvany wrote on his blog Mastering Multimedia entitled “Video at newspapers needs to improve. It struck a nerve with many producers who voiced their frustration at how hard it was to get quality feedback on their multimedia work. It became clear that a multimedia-focused website dedicated to giving feedback was the answer. Colin's former co-worker at The Spokesman-Review, Brian Immel, then volunteered to build the site.

We hope over time that this will become the place where great conversations about multimedia storytelling will take place. If you would like to join the expert pool, or you would like to give us some feedback on what we can do better with the website, please email us at cmulvany@findingtheframe.com or brian@findingtheframe.com.