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Big change for Finding the Frame

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Colin Mulvany Oct. 31, 2012, 9:46 p.m. permalink

I just want to let everyone know that we have made a welcome update to Finding the Frame. You might have noticed that after logging into FtF, you now see the words "Story Pool" in the toolbar. This used to only be seen by designated reviewers. 

Now anyone that is a registered member of FtF can have access to the Story Pool, our hope is that it will spur a broader range of dialogue and feedback from the hundreds of members within the Finding the Frame community. 

To review a story, look through the Story Pool list, and when you find one you think you would like to critique, click on the link, which will take you to the story. If you feel you have some advice to offer, write an honest critique in the comment field . Once you click "Publish" your critique will show up on the FtF home page where other members can jump in and comment. 

We created Finding the Frame for visual storytellers like you. For this community to grow and thrive, it needs your participation. Finding the Frame is all about sharing knowledge within the group.  How many times has someone helped you out as you learned the principles of video or audio production? Now is your chance to give back, and help your fellow visual storytellers. 

All we ask is that the critiques you write be honest, but not demeaning. Tell the storyteller what your think they could have done better. If you critique a story by a beginner, focus on the fundamentals.  If the story is by someone more established, probe deeper into story and editing. Do you have special technique you use that would make their story better? Please share!

Make sure you upload a link to your own video or audio slideshow for critique. My hope is that you will write a critique before you ask others' to look at your own work. 

And don't forget the FtF forum, where you can post cool story links or ask members a technical question. Thanks for your continued support of Finding the Frame. 

Colin and Brian.

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Eric Seals Nov. 4, 2012, 7:04 a.m. permalink


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