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Does this video define a new aesthetic movement?

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Colin Mulvany Sept. 19, 2010, 11:31 a.m. permalink

Take a look at Dai Sugano amazing video of a
family's struggle to stay together after the father is deported to

Dai, a multimedia producer at the San Jose
Mercury News, is one of the early innovators who used still photography mixed
with video to tell a story. With the release of DSLRs, I'm seeing a lot more of
this type of storytelling coming from primarily newspaper still photographers.  

What I am seeing now is a growing atheistic
movement that runs counter to the TV style of wide, medium and tight
sequencing. I find the mixing of stills and video to be a tricky balance, but
when it works--like in Sugano‚Äôs piece--boy does it work! 

I think newspaper multimedia producers talk a
lot about being different than TV. Is the Sugano Atheistic how we will define
this difference? 

Your thoughts...

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