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GoPro HD cameras

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Eric Seals Sept. 6, 2010, 7:10 p.m. permalink

I bought two GoPro Motorsport HD cameras (about $300 each) a few months ago and have been getting great results from them with some of my video features.

The cameras shoot at 1080 on SD cards (high capacity) and you can pick other HD resolutions as well.  I usually shoot at 720 at 30 frames or 60 frames if I want slow motion. The field of view is about 170 degrees and the only real drawback is there is no LCD screen because of the size of the camera but at 170 degrees you can do line of site and never be wrong

The motorsports version comes with a great suction cup and 5 mounts with 3M adhesive that is very durable.
I've used them a several videos, these three 
saw the GoPro in situations I wouldn't dare put my $5,000 Panasonic hvx200.

Here is the link to the GoPro company website


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