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Job opening

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Peter Huoppi Jan. 19, 2013, 12:57 p.m. permalink

The Day is hiring an Interactive Editor. Video is not 100% of the job, but it's a big part. Feel free to contact me with any questions - p [dot] huoppi [at] theday [dot] com

Interactive Editor

This full-time position is responsible for growing our online
audience and fostering interactivity through social media components and
new technology. The interactive editor will produce and edit video
projects (both live stream and stories), an expanding component of our
new media content.

The interactive editor will coordinate social media efforts,
including growing our audience on social platforms such as Twitter,
Facebook and YouTube, and developing creative strategies to reach these
growing markets. The editor will execute the company's interactive
strategy, which includes blogging, interacting with readers via comments
and forums, coordinating live web chats, producing live stream events
and posting daily polls. The editor will develop and run contests which
promote reader submissions and interactivity. Candidates should be
familiar with and able to produce and edit multimedia content, including
photo galleries, maps and data-driven projects. This includes
experience shooting, editing and posting web video, using Final Cut Pro.
The interactive editor will also work closely with the interactive team
on improving the website through technology innovations, developing new
features and reshaping our mobile strategy. Job responsibilities and
skills required for the position: Good news judgment in print and
visuals to maintain a vibrant; Flexibility in hours and desire
to cover breaking and feature stories as a videographer; Track record
with social media promotion and outreach; Live-stream event production
experience; Encourages reader-generated content and increases the
quantity of reader news, photos and calendar event inclusions;
Collaborative editor, who brings ideas to daily news meetings and web
discussions; Basic coding experience to enhance web functionality;
Website design skills; and Teaching ability to bring newsroom colleagues
up-to-speed with posting content and social media promotion techniques.
Please describe the role played in all work submitted. DVDs or urls
are accepted.

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