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More are coming on here, let's get to reviewing

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Eric Seals May 13, 2012, 8:36 p.m. permalink

I judged some amazing pictures over the weekend at the Wisconsin News Photographers Assoc convention and was one of three speakers.

One thing I mentioned was about studying video storytelling, seeking out mentors and getting your work critiqued.  I showed a frame grab of the FtF front and mentioned the website to the 100 or so that were there.  

Told them what we all know, this is a great site to go on to get your wrok critiqued or just to watch, read the comments and learn.

Reviews have slowed down but there are more eyes on this site now so we need to get back to it.  Just one review a week from all of us would really go a long way.

Help out when you can and let's get back to helping us all learn how to telling stories in this amazing profession.  Folks are watching.



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