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Nice ESPN piece on Fennville & Wes Leonard

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Eric Seals May 17, 2011, 8:25 p.m. permalink

Be sure to watch this piece ESPN did...

It is about Wes Leonard a high school basketball star who died on the court after scoring a winning basket.  I spent 5 days working on a similar story (posted on here back in March) when ESPN was there at the same games as I was

Watching last Sunday on their Outside the Lines program some of the great things that stuck out to me were;

1. The access they had to the team , practice, on the bus etc.  As hard as I tried I couldn't get that.

2. Their music selection used on and off during the piece.  Really helps set the mood and style.

3.  Their terrific lighting and composition during interviews and their camera work (slow pans, slider work, etc)

4.  The story itself.  Done well and adding the home movies of Wes when people were talking about him was perfect. Something I wish I would of thought to have gotten.

Anyway it was a big learning experience for me watching it a few times then watching my piece and seeing the big differences between the two and mentally adding things for me to thing about to improve on and get better at in the future when doing video storytelling.

Check it out and let me know what you think :-)


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