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Overmod audio on my Sennheiser lav

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Eric Seals July 12, 2010, 4:25 p.m. permalink

Any one have the Sennheiser ew 100 lavs?

One of the two that I have is really over-modulated and I can't figure out why.  Searching the internet I can't find answers.  

Basically on my Panasonic hvx200 I had the channel it was plugged into turned down half way and the sound coming from the lav was still overmod, I turned it down more and thought I was good to go.  When I was editing an Elvis video at home I discovered all my interviews were horrible and had to either rely on the shotgun audio or just use a bit of the overmod audio.

Any tips, advice would be appreciated.  Thanks


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Colin Mulvany July 13, 2010, 4:04 p.m. permalink

Sennheiser wireless G-2 mics out of the box a set really hot. I dial each unit down. On the transmitter click "set" then toggle (using the arrow buttons on top of the unit) to the word Sensit. Click "Set" and dial down the sensitivity to-10dB. Click "set" again and you will see the word "Stored" Clicking the on/off button will get you out of that menu. 

Now on the Receiver click "Set" then toggle to the word "AF Out". Click "Set" again and dial down the senitivity to -24dB. Click "set" again and you will see the word "Stored"

Check your levels now and  adjust up or down if needed. A lot will depend if you use auto gain control on the camera too. AGC will prevent peaking, but will not give you the best audio quality. 

Finally Eric, check to see if the camera's phantom power is on. I turn mine off and let the receiver power the mic instead of the camera. 

My first couple of videos were ruined by over-driven wireless audio. Once I leaned to dial down the sensitivity, they worked like a charm. 

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Eric Seals July 13, 2010, 4:27 p.m. permalink

Thanks Colin!!

Going to do that when I get back home

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