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So great to see FtF picking up!

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Eric Seals March 7, 2012, 3:50 p.m. permalink

Awesome that more reviews and posts are happening on here.

A good rule of thumb I use is if I post a video of mine for a review I always give a good thorough review of one or two videos, kind of a give and take kind of thing and it helps keep the story pool fresh and constantly turning over.

There are several videos that were posted that have a date from September to November of last year. It would be great if we could get good reviews and comments on those.

Also on the reviews, the more voices commenting on one video the better it is for the person who submitted it and even for everyone else who is watching and learning from our comments.
I know personally there are people working at newspapers that are just starting out in video storytelling and college students that come on here to watch our work and learn from the great comments. 
The longer, more in depth we can make them the better for overall learning.

It was nice to see 3 different reviews on Phil Carpenters Erotic Cookie story. Each of us bring something different when we're watching and reviewing.

Hope we can all work hard at keeping this going and keep up the great work!  :-)


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