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Submit a video, review a video...

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Eric Seals Aug. 4, 2010, 10 p.m. permalink

I know we are all busy with work, family, etc (believe me, my dad was robbed and beaten in Detroit so I'm dealing with all that, he's fine now) and this site is great and all but it's only as good as when those of us who are reviewers do it more and get the story pool down some. It is getting crowded, which is a good thing :-) Last week or so it was down to 5 videos now it is at 20. Awesome!!!

I'd recommend and I'm trying to get into the habit where if I submit a video of mine for review/feedback I'm going to review two videos in return. Just throwing in my two cents about it all.  


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Colin Mulvany Aug. 5, 2010, 10:58 a.m. permalink

Thanks Eric, 

First off, I hope your dad is doing better. What a terrible thing to happen to him are your family. 

I like your idea of reviewers who submit should pay it forward.  This site  was created as a resource for the VJ community. It can be really great--but only if more people get involved. 

I need more reviewers who will stay active with the site. I'm not asking for reviewers to critique every day. Once a week would be great. I have about 25 reviewers right now. Many asked to be reviewers. But truth is, only 6 or 7 have actively contributed to the site consistently. I know there are video journalists out there that would love to be reviewers, but I need some help finding them. If you know of anybody, please send him or her my way. You can reach me a cmulvany(at) 

I know summer is a dead time a newspapers. With fall coming, I hope we can kick it up a notch and really make this site more visible. If you have any suggestions of what Brian and I can do better let us know. 
Thanks again to all the reviewers who make Finding the Frame what it is today. 

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Brian Immel Aug. 5, 2010, 11:14 a.m. permalink

I like the idea of having a ratio of reviews / feedback. It's a whole other question whether we enforce that technically or just suggest it but it I could see the benefit in two ways.

  1. If someone who hasn't commented at all is expecting a well thought out review, it would be nice to have their two cents on other stories to give back to the community.
  2. If someone is commenting back and forth on other stories they may find that what you are looking for in a review has changed. Instead of something they've seen covered in a similar story, they may want to ask for feedback on something totally different.

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