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video help for the still shooter

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James Nix Sept. 23, 2010, 6:50 a.m. permalink

As a still shooter learning video on my own, a feel some things are getting lost in translation. 

I remember when I first picked up a still camera, I got the general idea of shutter speed, aperture and ISO, but I didn't fully comprehend them and how they work together like I do today.

I'm feeling the same way right now about some of the technical fundamentals of video like frame rate, frame size  and codec. 

It doesn't help that I use three very different cameras (a JVC GY-HD110, a Panasonic DVX100 and a Nikon D300s) and i've had some issues getting things to match up in FInal Cut.

Any wisdom you can pass on or thoughts on where to learn this stuff?

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David Berman Oct. 5, 2010, 1:21 p.m. permalink

its hard work isnt it. but a good challenge. 

this dude, Colin, has helped me learn much. read lots watch lots and practice more.
Fcut tutorials are avaliable from and I got mine from
Soundslides is a good way to start the story telling process.

hope for the best, expect the worst but keep smiling whatever happens.

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