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What do you wish your CMS could do better...

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Colin Mulvany July 28, 2010, 7:31 p.m. permalink

Multimedia and visuals suffer at a lot of newspaper websites because of the poor content management systems in use. In reference to visuals, what do you wish your CMS could do better?

What cool feature do you have on your newspapers website that  rocks your multimedia or visuals? 
Links please....

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Peter Huoppi Aug. 3, 2010, 1:23 p.m. permalink

We actually have two CMSs. One from our video host (Castfire) and one for the whole website (Saxotech). What they could do better is talk to one another.

I think it's important that videos be able to be embedded in stories, but also that they stand on their own. For a long time, we had a cool looking Flash player, but at least once a week I heard from someone who asked "I saw a really cool video on last week, how do I find it?" or "How can I share a link with my friends?" The best answer I could give involved scrolling through a long playlist. There was no unique URL and no search function.

I patterned the video portion of our new site after sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Each video has a "story" page in the web CMS that allows us to link related content, search, and share just like we can with any other story. The drawback is that each one of these stories must be created by the user who uploads the video by essentially copying and pasting fields from one CMS to another.

I know that both CMSs could communicate via an RSS feed or the API, but we haven't devoted the development resources to doing this.

This leads to hiccups like the "most viewed multimedia" list on our front page. This ranks the multimedia stories by page views, but does not count video plays, many of which come from embeds on stories or the homepage.

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