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Ben Garvin Jan. 14, 2013, 6:52 p.m. permalink

Hi Franziska,

Sorry it's taken a while to get some feedback. I'm guilty of not reviewing often enough!

I liked piece and learned plenty. I came to know the fellow you were interviewing and what he did and how felt about it.

In my view the challenge you had here is making a piece that someone will want to watch until the end. There are a few techniques I think you could have employed that would've strengthened your audio slideshow.

1. Brevity. It's too long. I know how hard it is to cut something out but without more ambient audio (sounds of him flipping through papers chatting with his wife making coffee or something), it gets boring. Editing tighter and taking out clips that don't truly advance what you're getting at would've helped.

2. Audio quality. I'm not sure what you're working with equipment-wise but getting the mic closer to your source--the fellow's mouth--would have helped.

3. Visuals. I liked the archival footage you had and would've liked to have seen more. Cutting the piece's time down to 1:30 minutes would've allowed you to use less redundant portraits of him, only the best audio clips and only the most interesting historical photos. I was distracted a bit by the long fades. In my view quick, consistent fades allows the viewers to better focus on the content and not the technique.

4. Music. I put this last cause it's not really necessary and can often be annoying or distracting. But in this case it may have helped. I don't know. It's an idea!

I liked your pacing. Viewers need time to sit with a thought and you allowed for that. I wonder if shooting a video of him taking and interspersed stills would've worked better. again, that may not have been possible.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Harold Nash seems like a gentle soul, someone who's learned from the past and is doing what he can to make things better. I can tell you respected him and he trusted you, and all that is really the key to any good interview of story. Nice work.

Take care!

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