A Church for Zimbabwe's Destitute (view this story)

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David Brooks Jan. 3, 2012, 2:25 p.m. permalink

Hello and Happy New Year Nico-

You have a great start to a story here with some good audio, music and singing combined with interesting video clips. To address your statement in the "Feedback Requested" this story or issue needs more than four minutes, this video you have here is good for establishing the issue but you need more. Maybe several video chapters that are four minutes long?
I was hoping to see the contrasts between the hard life of the Zimbabweans in South Africa with the relief, joy, and belonging they are experiencing within the confines of the church. I didn't see destitute or get the sense of alienation alluded to in the title and interviews. Maybe follow one of the church members to work or in search of work, show that process. Ask someone to answer, "How does a Zimbabwean get work in South Africa?"...then visually explore that process. We know these people are struggling, find a way to show it. But I understand that there are likely barriers to access, possibly language, security, culture but to tell more of the story you need to go deeper.

I applaud your efforts thus far, Thank you for sharing.

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Mkhululi Mpofu March 15, 2012, 3:37 a.m. permalink

Hi Nico

Well done for the video, it just highlights the plight of Zimbabweans in foreign countries. Very sad indeed. As a studding video journalist I agree with David Brooks' comment above. A longer video would have explored the problem deeper. A commentary perhaps of the legal and other barriers in finding work and the pain they have to go through to get it. 
All-in-all the clips and technicality of the video were good and its something I hope to learn from as a novice in video journalism. I uploaded my first ever attempt at video journalism and would appreciate comments from experts like you. Also check out www.immigrant-adventures.com

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