A Patient's Dilemma (view this story)

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Kevin Wellenius Oct. 20, 2010, 4:32 p.m. permalink

Unfortunately, playback of this video could not proceed beyond 2:13.


Up to that point, the piece was pretty good. We are told up front the basic dilemma: lower-income patients fill the medications they're prescribed at pharmacies that dispense lower-cost generics, but their doctors insist they be returned and the branded drugs be taken instead. Nice, simple statement of the issue, which buys you enough attention span to explain the government program to encourage cheaper generics be available to lower-income persons, and the threat this poses to the branded companies who invest in R&D but may not be allowed to reap the anticipated profits on which such investments were premised.


What I'd like to know is why the doctors hold such sway over the patient's use of generics. Is it a genuine fear of quality control, or is their own legitimate livelihood also threatened by the government's generics program? The descriptive text suggests there is something underhanded going on, but I would hope your investigation didn't rest on that pat generalization.


Hopefully the video can be fixed and we can see the rest!



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