A Welsh teacher adds boxing to the curriculum (view this story)

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Alexandra Bahou June 8, 2011, 2:30 p.m. permalink

Hi James!


First, I wanted to say that I loved all of your shots! Nicely composed and interesting, visually. That said, I wanted to see more video of what was going on and less shots of the interviewees. Quick shots of feet shuffling, tights of faces sweating, hands jabbing would have kept my attention more.


For the intro, I feel like you could have done without the music. The natural sound of punching and shuffling should have been able to carry the viewer through for a couple of seconds before starting to hear the audio from the high school teacher. You don't really need a black text slide at the beginning, I think the coach does a good job explaining what is going on.


I liked the various shots coming in at different places in the beginning and I know you were having them come in on a beat, but at the times there was a blank black screen, it was a little unsettling visually.


Maybe trying the shot compilations with natural sound pops and track laid underneath would have worked better?


Also, when you cut from a BROLL shot to an interview shot, you don't need a cross dissolve. A straight cut from one shot to the other would work better, visually.


I really liked the storyline and I definitely wanted to hear what more of the students thought of the class.

Anyway, these are all just my opinions! Overall, I liked the piece. Thank you for sharing :o)

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James Cuff June 11, 2011, 4:29 a.m. permalink

Hi Alexandra, many thanks for your feedback.

I completely agree with you on all your points. As you can see from the URL, this is a very old video. Three years old in fact.

It was actually one of the very first videos I shot. I wanted to share something of mine for feedback/criticism as I didn't want to come on here giving feedback/criticism as a reviewer without having anything to back it up.

As, The Sunday Times, my current employer is behind a paywall, I thought it best to share something that everyone could see and this was one that I remembered.

In regard to the music, that was actually composed by Saurel, the pupil in the video but agree that it would have been better with natural sound.

I hate the text slate at the start but that was, unfortunately, house style at the time. Something I managed to persuade the bosses to get rid of.

In complete agreement about the dissolve and maybe a few more additions to the student interviews.

Looking back now, I would have done things a bit differently but am still quite happy with this,

If you are interested in what I am doing now, I post links to my Sunday Times work each week on my blog http://www.james-cuff.com/blog but, as I said, they are behind a paywall.

Thanks again Alexandra for your comments.

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