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Arnold MIller Nov. 30, 2012, 10:52 a.m. permalink

Hi Madison,

What is Jazz? I guess everyone has their own definition...;-)
I liked the title graphic and the dissolve into the piece.
The first challenge when watching this piece is the tremendous difference in audio levels between the nat sound of the musicians playing and the interviews. I had to crank my speakers to hear the interviews, and then jump up to turn them down when the music starts. Also had you mic'ed the interviews that would have gotten rid of a ton of background noise, and made them easier to understand.
I thought the font and transition on the lower thirds worked well with the piece.
Your opening shot is too long, and the rack focus from the dancing kids to the musicians happens too many times. Once is enough.
During the shoot try to resist changing your exposure and if you have to, cover it in the edit. It was distracting to see the exposure change a few times in the piece.
You had a nice assortment of framing for the interviews.
For the b-roll, perhaps a few really wide shots would have helped...there were to many waist to head and head shots.

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