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Brandon Ross Feb. 2, 2014, 10:53 a.m. permalink

Some beautiful images to match the great music in this piece. Really enjoyed listening to the jazz; felt like I was in the room during parts of this video. I use a D7000, too, so I loved seeing those images.

Just my thoughts:

-The ME-1 did a great job with capturing the jazz music. Really good nat sound.
-Great job mixing the nat sound. It flowed really nicely throughout the piece. Audio levels were good.
-Interview shot on Troy Robey was beautiful. Don't even care that his eyes were in shadows.
-Good job with what was probably some tough color balancing issues.

-I wish you had used a tripod on the external shot through the window at 1:38. Great shot if it wasn't shaky.
-Saw what looked like some auto exposure compensation during an interview.
-Felt like this story wasn't pushed forward enough. I would tighten it up and pick up the pacing. Seemed to drag at times. Could cut the run time in half.
-The ME-1 did a poor job with the interview audio. Alternative options would be pulling the mic off the camera and putting it really close to the interviewee's mouth (might require an extension cord), or finding a more quiet spot for the interview.

Again, really enjoyed listening to the music! 

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