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Kevin Wellenius May 5, 2010, 6:55 a.m. permalink

There is a lot of material on the project site, and I like the broad selection of viewpoints expressed by the various young people you interviewed. A lot of the photography is strong, and I like how you have attempted to design a page layout of various photos and the video for each of the people.

A project with this much material poses a navigation challenge for the visitor (and for you, the producer). How do you make the material accessible without a visitor needing to go through each and every page? You provide both a "recommended sequence" as well as thematic index, which is a nice idea, though I'm not a fan of the directory tree approach.

One approach you might consider is an index page of the individual interviews. You already have this, but the only information you offer is the name of the person, which doesn't tell the viewer much. If you include a pull quote that best reflects the theme of the interview next to each image, it might provide a quick way to identify interesting interviews to watch. Also, you appear to offer transcripts of each interview. Since you already have the transcripts, you might do a Wordle (or word cloud; see of each interview to give a quick sense of the content. For other ideas on how to assemble a collection of interviews, see the NYT's "One in 8 Million" series, David Lynch's "Interview Project," or's "Untold Stories."

On a technical note, all the videos had trouble loading, making them almost unbearable since they kept being interrupted by buffering. Since they are all videos of a person talking, you could simply play the audio next to a portrait of the interviewee. If nothing else, turn off the auto-play feature of the videos; if someone prefers to browse the photos first, you are currently forcing them to stop the video to allow the larger photos to be displayed (if they even figure this out).

I really like the idea behind this project (perhaps because I visited Bosnia a few years ago and developed a real affinity for it and the people we met), and you found good people to help tell the story. Your challenge now is to make that rich content more accessible by cleaning up the navigation and making the video smoother and less dominant.


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Marco Pavan May 5, 2010, 7:32 a.m. permalink

Thank you for the feedback Kevin (and very quick also).
Good ideas on the clouds for the interviews, for this one is maybe late, but will definitely keep in mind for new projects!
I don't understand why the videos have troubles, the server is probably being funny. It would have been easier, maybe, to load the video on an external website like Vimeo.
But, yes, thenk you again, very positive overall.

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