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Michael Fagans Feb. 11, 2013, 9:26 p.m. permalink

Madison (and Joseph):

First, my apologies for the slow turn around on reviews, we are working to speed things up.

I think my first question would be why you wanted to integrate stills in to your video? You have a solid video interview and material from the performance, so I am curious about your thought process. Not a right or wrong answer.

My biggest concern is how much head movement your subject has, at that focal length my eyes were starting to feel weird. Generally I like to recompose my interview shots from time to time so that they are varied when I cut back to the person. I also found the jump cut during one interview unsettling. A wipe, fade in/out, a flash, something to visually cue me in on the cut would have been welcome.

Understanding that you were out in the field, I would really try and isolate your subject as much as you could to cut down on background noise.

I must also admit that I was confused if the name of the group was Arts and Crafts or Art and Craft. Not sure if that was a play on the group's name and what you were trying to cover with the video, but that caught my eye.

Two technical notes. The ME-1 mic sounds closed to my ears. Not sure if that was capture or post-production work to cut down on noise, but the sound did not feel open to my ears. I also noticed some changing of exposure during the interview and wonder if that is a function of the D7000, I have no experience with that model. Did you run the sound directly in to the camera? Are there setting for it in camera?

I think you have a solid interview. I also think you have some nice performance video and I know how hard it is go get a good capture on just a group's music. Did you think about floating some of their music underneath the entire piece? Is there more video of their performance?

Overall, I think this is a good start for a less than a day turnaround video. I wonder if there were or are things you would do differently having produced this piece or revisiting it now after some time has passed.

Thank you for sharing, I look forward to seeing your next project.

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