Beagles rescued from bankrupt laboratory (view this story)

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Kathy Strauss July 7, 2010, 10:29 a.m. permalink

I've got a soft spot for Beagles so I liked this story based on dog content alone. It made me smile.

My favorite shot is of the dog from the back with the furiously wagging tail  -- I wonder if you could have combined it with the nose-through-the -fence shot for a stronger closing sequence?

In general I'd like to see you take a little more time setting up your shots, holding them longer and using a tripod. And don't forget to shoot tight shots for transitions. I'm also not a big fan of zooms and pans but because the dogs are moving so much, it's not terribly distracting here.

I wanted to hear more from the woman who is crying. There's a lot of emotional impact potential to this story.  I also wanted just a little more information about what it means to be a laboratory dog and she might have provided those details.

A strong opener will catch and hold the viewers' attention.  I think your first 10 seconds are a little rough. I know you're building up to the quote "Nobody leaves without a Beagle..."  How about just starting with that quote as you fade in to the scene?

Thanks for sharing your work here!

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