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Michael Fagans Dec. 30, 2010, 2:21 p.m. permalink


Nice piece, it left me wanting to see more, which is always a good sign.

A few personal aesthetic notes. I am a fan of slower focus pulls and fade outs, the speed of last fade out of the piece works better for me. My take on this is that I give the viewer time to get the information and then change it, good arguments can be made against this approach.

Stylistically, should the last shot have been the curtain going up? From stage? From the audiences view?

Your piece also raises the question I have been asking for years...Should a video be self-contained? Should you give me everything I need in the video itself, ie. title and other information below or above the player, or can we agree as a group that some information can be contained outside the piece itself? I have produced projects both ways...still seeking consensus.

Finally, just a sound note....when I see people's lips moving, for example in one of the dressing room shots, I kind of expect to hear their voices, even it is very low. I believe you gave us the lip smacking sound of one of the dancers putting on her lipstick. Just wondering...

Overall, I am really glad yo shared your video. Nice pacing, interesting shots, I definitely got the old school photo essay feel and I would argue that your more abstract shots were the more successful. 

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Pat Shannahan Jan. 10, 2011, 7:58 a.m. permalink


The photography was beautiful. I like how around :48 you set the pacing to match the music. I really wish I could hear some of the nat sounds, even if it was just a few to add texture.

 The photography gives me a chance to see what goes on back stage, but I still want to learn something. I understand you were experimenting and trying something new. I think it really needs an interview. Maybe that interview could have been with one of the sugar plum fairies or the girl who plays Clare the main character.  Maybe you could have gotten them talking about what it feels like backstage on opening night. Another option might have been to get someone talking about the history of the Nutcracker. The interesting twist is that initially the ballet was a flop and now it's a holiday classic. I don't think it would have needed to be a long interview, just a few little quotes that leave me knowing more about the subject.

By the way, I really liked your video on the McDonalds drive thru guy who raps. It was really well done and unique. It told the guys story while talking to larger issues such as having a positive outlook on life. Nice find.


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