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Peter Huoppi June 1, 2010, 1:05 p.m. permalink


You've picked a very interesting topic for a video story, so that's a good start. But I think this video falls a little bit flat. Your opening should suck me in and make we want to know more, but the piece of b-roll wasn't all that compelling, and then we spend a lot of time of the bare facts of the story: my name is... this is how bike polo is played...

Think about what story you're trying to tell. It's probably not an instructional on how the sport is played. I think you can assume your viewers can understand that it's a sport ride bikes and try to hit a ball into goal. Your video shows that. Instead, focus on what makes this sport or its athletes unique. You found some interesting characters, no make me care about them and want to know more.

As for your shooting, try to add a little more variety. For most of the game action, your camera was in the same place at the same focal length. All of the action started to look the same. I'm glad you were on the tripod, but you need to move the camera to some different locations. Get it down on the ground so I see the ball shooting right at me. Get right in the middle of the action to show me the sport from the players' points of view. Get in close on their faces. Show me the reaction of the crowd.

Every shot you show me ought to have a purpose, and your shots that were away from the action gave me some good variety, but after a while it became a bit repetitive seeing similar action shots.

Finding a cool story is a great start, now just think more carefully about what the story is you are trying to tell, and how you can tell it in the most interesting way.

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Angela Grant June 7, 2010, 8:36 a.m. permalink

I was really interested in learning more about this sport, but I couldn't hear anything that any of the sources were saying. I leaned in about 2 inches from my speakers and I still couldn't hear the audio. Because I wasn't getting any of the information you were trying to convey, it was pointless for me to watch the video. I got to 46 seconds in and then I bailed.

It's important to mix your audio tracks as follows to ensure everything is audible:

Source audio should be mixed to between -12 and -6 db

When it's running under source audio, ambient noise should be between -24 and -18 db. When the ambient sound is alone in a natural sound break, bring it up to -12 to -6 db.

Hope this helps!

On the upside, I thought the framing in the interviews were very nice, and the visual quality of the other broll was right up there too.

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