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Michael Fagans July 25, 2012, 9:40 p.m. permalink


Nicely shot video story.

I think it could be argued that you have 2-3 videos in your piece right now. I would certainly forward Colin's argument that we all need to lead with our best stuff. If that were the case, the footage that caught my eye was in the 2:40-3:15 minute range where I really got to see their relationship.

From my perspective I care more about the two 'brothers' relationship than Ben's attempts to go pro. While there is a flow to your piece, I really don't start caring about them until 3 minutes in. The sad news on click out rates is that if you don't catch your audience in the first 10-15 seconds you are going to lose them quickly.

One of the things I am still learning in video, like stills, is that you have to keep editing tighter and tighter. What we take OUT is often more important than what we leave in.

I really like how you shot your b-roll. You hold the frame really well and let the action move through the frame, there is solid composition, good use of the slider, nice pull focusing, really like the slider with the group photo shot. The interviews are well lit and solid.

The only rough area for me technically was that the sound levels seemed to jump here and there. Sound is usually the last thing I tighten up, and I really try to keep my audio levels consistent through a piece. Yes, this it nit-picky.

Knowing that someone else could make a very logical argument a different way, I really think there is a tighter and stronger story in your published piece that highlights the special relationship of the two 'brothers,' still nods to Ben's dreams and highlights JoJo's loss in a shorter way. You and others may disagree with me and that is part of the fun. I am still learning how to build and craft videos over 3 minutes, so I am interested to hear others member's opinions as well as your feedback.

At the end of the day, great story find and shot really well. I enjoy watching the piece visually and that is to your credit.

Looking forward to seeing your next project.

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