Bison on Long Island (view this story)

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Chuck Fadely April 29, 2010, 10:25 p.m. permalink

Too many times, I fall victim to trying to do the story that some editor puts on a video request. Been a journalist too long... I go into auto-pilot and do the story they ask me to do. I always feel dirty in the morning.

I think maybe that's what happened to you here. It seems like maybe you tried to fulfill an assignment about a restaurant.

But that wasn't the story you should have told - thank heavens you realized it and pursued the real story. You've got all these wonderful sound bites about a bison obsession. That's the story!!!! Forget the first minute or more about the stupid restaurant and the boring chef... tell me about the owner's obsession with bison! The woman's quotes are priceless! Whack the first part off and this is great. Then find some customers or employees to talk about the boss' obsession - and maybe a bit about the food, too, just to keep the food writer happy.....

When a great story happens in front of your camera, don't be afraid to abandon the other stuff.

You did a great job when you finally got to the real story...

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Phil Carpenter May 4, 2010, 7:11 a.m. permalink

@Chuck I'm so glad to read what you said about doing the story an editor writes on a photo request. I ALWAYS try to find my own focus, something I learned on a workshop in Texas last year, from TV shooters.

For the story I really wished there was more nat sound, especially in the restaurant with all the close-ups of the cooking. Oterwise I agree with Chuck. The real story IS the bison obsession! Kudos for seeing that and trying to pursue it.

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