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Adam Wisneski May 1, 2011, 2:56 p.m. permalink


I think there are a few simple things you could do that would improve this video tenfold. I know it's not easy to do a quality video in a day, of course. Here are my observations. 

- The piano background music doesn't really add to the video. It doesn't offer a pace or beat for editing purposes, and is kind of distracting when it's almost as loud as a voice in the piece. It sounds like elevator music to me. Maybe cut it out completely? Or search for something that fits the mood of the piece more dinstinctly? 

- Your moving shots (pans, zooms, etc) were really unsteady and distracting. I'd use a tripod for those. If you don't have one (or forgot it or whatever) you can always just try to hold your body still and make them as steady as possible, use the ground, a chair, etc. I could see what you were going for, but it didn't add to the video's look or style for me. 

- Both interviews were framed so that the guy's faces are smashed against the right side of the frame. Visually, it felt awkward. It was sort of in between the straight rule of thirds and the "stylish" half face thing that some people do. I'm not a stickler for conventional shots during interviews, but your variation didn't work for me. Also, some interview shots were back focused. 

- The text was hard to read while someone was talking. I'd give the viewer time to complete the text, then start the quote. Both at the same time is an assault on my brain. 

- And, finally, and most importantly. I wasn't sure what you wanted to say in this video. I couldn't tell what the theme or point or story was. Black pilots, okay, what about them? What is your story in a sentence. The beginning looked promising, old footage, guys speaking about their passion and flying. You had me waiting for "the point." But then, out of nowhere we're looking at the Tuskegee airmen. I was lost. And as an online viewer, I would have given up mid video. 

Hope this helps. One day is not a lot of time, so nice work on a tight deadline. 


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