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Eric Seals Oct. 7, 2012, 5:32 p.m. permalink

Hi Greg,

Good job covering a story on something that literary has no life to it but is full of history, discovery and curiosity.  For me it was a fascinating subject.
Aside from some technical issues like the focus on some of the people being interviewed and the music I thought it was good and kept my interest.

I love the way you started this out with details of bones synced to the beat of the music, made it engaging for me.  

The music was a problem for me. 
I liked how it came in from the start and at the ending of the piece but after those two parts I could of done without it. For example, right before Carolyn Hurst started to speak I would of faded the music down to nothing so when she started it was gone.

The POV with Carolyn and the box was a nice idea and different look as she took it down off the shelf and walked with it.  Too bad that as the box is open with a window behind her the video gets blown out. 
I felt that POV sequence from :45 to 1:10 was just a bit to long and part of it could of been cut when Carolyn was taking items out of box.

The pacing was good but it did start to get just a little bogged down

Nice audio, lighting and framing on your subjects. What was your aperture on them because often they went soft and I really like it all tack sharp.

Nice details of the bones. The out of focus scene of the bone as you pan at the 2:25 mark.  At the 2:35 mark when you are panning across the rib cage area it doesn't have that smoothness to it and I think you were shooting at a lower shutter speed? The video quality almost had that jello effect to it as if the frame rate was off.

"Life must have been difficult for these individuals and we can see that in the skeletal remains." Forgot who said that but that quote in there really was great and summed up everything for me.

I got an education watching your video which is the best thing that you or anyone doing video storytelling can do or leave with the viewer. 

Nice job and Go Blue!!!  (sorry dude I'm a Michigan man!!)  LOL!!

Thanks ;-)


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