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Michael Fagans April 12, 2011, 9:49 p.m. permalink


Nice piece. I really like your b-roll, there are some nice moments that round out the audio in fun ways.

I am hoping that you could fill FtF in on your thought process behind including stills into the mix. This is one project on the site that could have stood alone as a video very easily. Not asking you to defend yourself or make a right or wrong call. This is one of the issues that is constantly debated here. The movement helps them from pulling me out of the piece but I am always interested in the thought process behind decisions.

If there were as any nit-picking to be done, there seemed to be mic wind noise at the beginning and end of the piece. Looked like a car shoot, probably a window open, but noticeable.

Writing as a former NY resident, you had a tricky line to walk on this one but you provide a nice portrait that does not ignore some of the issues that Carl had to deal with but also doesn't exploit the easy openings. As an editor I really appreciate the balance.

Once again, thanks for submitting your piece. Really solid and I look forward to seeing more of your work. Say 'hi' to Jeff for me.

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Andrew Satter April 14, 2011, 11:35 a.m. permalink

Hi Alejandra, I agree with Michael, there were some great visuals in this piece, and, of course, you couldn't have a better subject for a character-driven piece.

I, do, however disagree about the balance - if I didn't know this was done for Newsday I would have thought it was a campaign ad. The music, the inconic flag images, the tough talk by the candidate and the glowing praise by his supporters - there was nothing in there challenging his assertions or that gave me a sense that he was down in the polls. Not that a profile needs total balance - you don't need Cuomo in there, for instance - but there should have been at least someone objective like a reporter or political anlyst giving context about the race, his unlikely victory in the GOP primary, his backing by the Tea Party, some of the controversial remarks he made, and the fact that in reality he was quite a long shot. Also, I think that would have helped give the piece more of a story arc. It was a fascinating campaign and I wanted to know more about the highs and lows. I think you had all of the elements it just needed a bit more context to round it out.

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Alejandra Villa April 19, 2011, 6:29 p.m. permalink

Thanks guys for taking a look at it and for your thoughtful comments.

Michael, you are absolutely right about the wind noise in the car,  I learned my lesson about that.
Andrew, this was shot during the first couple of days I spent with the candidate, I needed to turn in a video that introduced us to him without being very long. (Newsday does not like anything beyond 2 minutes). During the first couple of days this exactly what I saw, I was surrounded by people who absolutely loved him. There was a photographer following Cuomo as well doing the same thing and that's how Newsday managed to balance it. However, I do agree with you that  a piece including all the controversy would've been fascinating.

Thanks again.

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