Chicago Tea Party and Race (view this story)

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Colin Mulvany May 5, 2010, 11:07 p.m. permalink

As a self-described novice Jennifer, I think you did pretty well. Your audio sounded clean and you had a good mix of narrative. A couple of things consider:

I rarely open with a talking head—I think it is jarring to the viewer. It would have been better to have opened with about 8-10 seconds of B-roll of from the protest crowd, then bring in your main subject.

You could have benefited from shooting some reaction to the Tea Party speakers.

I'm always telling myself when I hit the record button to shoot action then reaction. Turn the camera around when your action is done and shoot the cut-a-way reaction. It will give you something to cover the talking heads and make your video more visual.

You don't have much of the crowd and what you do have is more wide and medium shots. Always be on the look out for tight detail shots that will help you sequence your video. Tight shots of the signs (everyone love tea party signs) would have been good to have. So would some tight shots of faces in crowd.

Finally, The video is displayed in standard def 4:3 ratio, but the video was shot with a HD camera in 16:9 ratio. My guess was that your video editor timeline was not set up properly before you imported your video. That is why it has kind of a squished look to it. Just curious, what did you edit this in?

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Jennifer Lacey May 6, 2010, 8:50 a.m. permalink

Wow to be reviewed by Colin. I'm lucky!! Thanks. I follow your web page.

I believe I read about opening with a talking head (but after I had edited and published it). So, that advice has gone toward the next shoot.

I edited this in FCP 7. I believe I changed the timeline to a 16:9 ratio. But I'll go back and check.

Thanks for building this site. I freelance for my online organization and have no one to review my work for reaction before publishing so having this enables me to access talent to grow.

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