Crime victims, victimized again. (view this story)

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Kathy Strauss Nov. 2, 2010, 9:23 a.m. permalink

Eric -- this definitely is a departure from your usual fare. In general I kind of cringe when I see reporter stand-ups but your storytelling style comes through here in spite of that. I think sticking more to the first character, Irene, could have added more depth. You can read the grief on her face in that opening scene, and wonder how a person survives such an attack. I wasn't so interested in all the other folks the reporter visited with -- maybe those could have been broken down into much shorter clips -- with the central character, Irene, driving the story. And the question still remains -- why don't these people get their payments? Does no one have an explanation?
Thanks for trying out a new style. You're inspiring, as usual!

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Eric Seals Nov. 2, 2010, 11:03 a.m. permalink

Thanks for checking it out Kathy and the comments  :-)

Yes you're right, a total departure from what I'm use to doing...took me way out of my comfort zone but that's a good thing and was a good challenge for me.

Jim and I were the newspapers guinea pigs on this video for collaboration after an awesome two day workshop with Boyd and Jonathan from KARE in Minneapolis in early September.   

We got as much out of Irene as we could in two days and it just couldn't be more in depth as Jim and I wanted. At the same time we felt showing Jim at that apartment complex finding people who are owed money was an easy thing to do even when the "city officials" said they couldn't find people on the list.

I too cringe with reporter stand ups but in this case it was very short and needed because the city clerk who we talked with would not go on camera (or audio) and I really had no other way to do. Thought about doing narration of him but there was nothing (b-roll) I could use to cover that with plus the viewers needed to know we tried talking with the clerk.

You're right...It did leave the question kind of unanswered but that's because the prosecutor and clerk pointed the fingers at each other, typical huh?? No one wants to take responsibility for the non payment of restitution.

The good that came out of this was public officials were called onto the carpet for this and the video and print story that went with it lit a fire under peoples asses to get this problem solved.  We've been doing follow ups.

Learned a hell of a lot working on this for three weeks with the reporter and the whole collaborative process was very interesting.

Thanks again Kathy.


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