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Kevin Wellenius July 16, 2010, 6:26 p.m. permalink

I can see how this would be a real important piece in the community. Both Emme and her sister Erin are really eloquent and thoughtful, and you brought out important parts of your interviews with them, as well as some important nat sound.

I was a little thrown off when we see Erin for a long time before knowing who she is. The voice sounds the same as Emme, and at first I thought the images were of Emme with hair or a wig. You could bring in the part where Erin recalls finding out she was a match for Emme when we first see Erin sitting in the phlebotomy chair having her blood drawn. The nat sound you have there now is nice, but not crucial, and not as important as avoiding potential confusion about the characters.

At 2:39, this is a good tight piece, and gets across the main ideas of Emme being a strong, mature teen whose illness has brought the family together.

For the images, it seems you were limited to one time in Emme's hospital room plus a little time with Erin. Even within the confined situation, you show us Emme interacting with family, being on her own, we see tight shots and wide shots. Nothing earth-shattering, but enough visual content to support the main driver of the story, which is the audio.

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