Episcopal Church General Convention 2009 (view this story)

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Eric Seals Jan. 3, 2011, 8:54 p.m. permalink

Hi Jim,

This video could be a knowing your audience kind of video. In a case like that I'm sure the many Episcopal worshipers around the county that watched this 6:23 video got a lot out of this with your insight, talking about the issues, agendas and the pastors at the end during the convention. 

So saying that there are several things that could be done to clean it up;

1. A tighter edit of the stills, especially towards the end with all the different pastors talking. The stills you do use let them stay up longer perhaps 3 or 4 seconds, some moved to quick for me.

2. A more of a focus on three or four main points from the convention. I know there is lots going on and lots to say but getting the piece down some not only shortens it but gets to your points quicker.

3. Losing the text/powerpoint slides. Lots to read and process and it's not long enough to read it anyway.  I feel when people watch videos they want to sit back and watch, be entertained, moved etc not have to do "work" by reading.

You mentioned how you were trying to get the feel of shooting video solo with a DSLR but I didn't see any video besides the stuff of you on camera. I thought I was going to see more video of the event.

Thanks for posting the video and I hope that others comment for you as well


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