Greeter in Chrysler commercial gives nod to Detroit (view this story)

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James Gregg June 8, 2011, 1:25 a.m. permalink

Hi Alexandra,


I was excited to see this piece because I had seen the Super Bowl ad and thought it was a really smart thing to go and find Chris.  It was really interesting to get a sense of his real personality and find out that he is such a friendly guy after looking so big and mean in the tough guy ad.

I thought the interaction with the gentleman coming out of the building was fun, showing that others are recognizing him for being part of the Super Bowl as well.

It's always tough to do a one day turn, nice job on this.


A couple of thoughts for you: As an intro, I wonder if the shot of the sign on the building is necessary. It goes by a little fast for me to read well, and your voice over identifies a place for us, perhaps a shot  or two of the arquitecture and a sense of people in motion on sidewalks or streets would help give a sense of a commute or coming and going around the area.  Maybe even strait up if there are several taller buildings would give a sense of being in the middle of the city.  I like his comments and greetings and how it works with your VO.

As a character, I think he works well and I like how he re-creates the  "look" for you.

It might be fun to have a few more points of view in your shooting.  Maybe across the street shooting through traffic and giving a bit more room for him to be small in the frame of the big building with people walking by, if the lav range gives you sound from that distance it could be nice to hear some of those greetings from further away.  Behind him, and even from inside the lobby framing him in the windows could also be an inexpected perspective.  It might give a feel for what his point of view is, and you could have some of those comments laid over the street scenes. 

Another thing I try to look for when theres a lack of action is a lot of details.  Maybe get even tighter on some of the frosty breath, gloves, hat, whatever can give a sense of the person.

One other thing that I noticed is that the reflections change when the doors open, and in one shot it shows your and your tripod as a woman leaves, just something to keep an eye out for when working around windows and mirrors that may put you in the shot. 

Overall, I thought it was an enjoyable daily turn, nice job.  I hope that is of some help, sorry for such a delay, I look forward to your next piece!



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Alexandra Bahou June 8, 2011, 2:07 p.m. permalink

Thank you for the review, James! Excellent points. More detail shots would have definitely saved me some time in the editing room, too!


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James Cuff June 11, 2011, 6:24 a.m. permalink

A great piece.

I really enjoy character studies and this was no different.

I agree with James about some more detail shots to cut to. As well as the shots James pointed out, you could have also included tight crops of Chris' face where you could see he was talking, just not what he was saying.

I also think the sound mixing could have been better. It cuts too harshly
between the VO and the sound of the street. I wonder whether the VO was
even necessary.

Overall though, it was a great piece produced in less than a day.

Great job.

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