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Eric Seals May 6, 2012, 6:18 p.m. permalink

Hi Carlo,

This was fun to watch and the music helped in the overall mood of it.

I like how it started with slow motion moving pass the crowd of students before it all started.

Loved how you matched the beats of the music with the editing of the visuals. Like at the 19 sec mark and at 1:21, one of my favorite scenes going from the guy raising his arms up in the air to the couple hugging and looking into the camera.  Good feel moment :-)

Liked how you made me feel a part of being there especially when people were throwing the colors at your camera.

Overall editing? I thought it was just a bit long.  Could have been trimmed by only using your best in focus moments. I don't mind some soft focus as people go in and out based on where they are in the focal plane or based on your aperture but 

Composition? It is one of those events where stuff is happening all around you so fast but don't forget about the visual storytelling as well.  Everything felt like it was shot at the same focal length.  You could of mixed it up by shooting details of hands reaching into those bags of purple colors, gone down low to the ground and shoot wide and just letting it all play out, things like that.

There have been other videos like this genre on FtF before set to music only (one of mine as well) and myself and others would wish for natural sound, audio of people from the event, etc. Your video just felt good to me and I wasn't missing not hearing from them or the laughs and sounds.
Played like a music video in a way and that's okay sometimes.

Try tightening it up a bit with some of those suggestions and see what you think.

Enjoyed watching it and it looked like fun as hell to shoot.

Hope you'll submit more videos for review on here.

Nice!!  :-)


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