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Eric Seals Sept. 28, 2012, 4:59 p.m. permalink

Hi Chenfei,

Just looking at the still of the large potato made me want to watch your video. I liked the music you picked for it. It was catchy and perfect for a subject matter like a 6 ton potato! :-)

Overall in watching, it felt more like a straight news story rather than something you really could of explored more visually and had lots of fun with which I was really hoping for. Something to make me laugh and yet at the same time learn something interesting about Idaho potatoes. 

So many opportunities to explore this visually I wanted to see but didn't.

I loved the way you opened this with the "What is this" title and the opening shot of the potato tight as someone knocks on it. It would have been fun to me if you kept just what is this as a mystery for a bit and play off that with people talking about "It's so huge", "I've never seen one this big", "Is it real?" and my favorite "If it was real it would take 10,000 years to grow" kind of sound bytes. 

Another think to think about would be turning the camera away from the potato and shooting people taking pictures of it with their iPhones, point at it, cars slowly driving by with windows rolled down checking it out kind of thing.
The sound of all this b-roll in addition to all the the "What is this" kind of thing could be underneath fun that b-roll shot soas to not give away that surprise like the shot at :19 sec

Kaiti the potato ambassador would have been great for some of those type of sound bytes. She seemed fun.  

I did like how you had a variety of people and diverse people as well in this piece.

I think including the guy at the podium Frank Muir was fine but just show him once with his lower third and put our attention back to the potato, people around it, etc as he goes on talking about it.  Talking heads are good but with a fun subject like this potato I'd want more b-roll time on the fun stuff.

Think about composition and covering the potato from all kinds of angles in your shooting. The shot at the :59 sec mark should of been more straight on in my opinion. eliminate the car and back of the truck to your left and right and keep it all clean.

Finally your lower third. Unless it's the style at your paper I would of picked a different font like Times New Roman or something less plain font that than what was used. Make their name larger than their title, put the lower 3rd closer to the bottom and stay consistant with the type of banner background you put your lower third on. Sometimes it seemed off white, light gray or a pink hue to it.  A nice mid to dark translucent gray banner often works well against and b-roll and with white type makes it pop really good.

Thanks for submitting and sorry it took so long to review.

Take care

Mizzou grad 93  :-)

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