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Michael Fagans June 15, 2010, 10:08 p.m. permalink


The photography in the piece is beautiful, powerful and evocative. There are sections of interview that are really strong and work well. The music, for the most part, works well with the piece.

My biggest concern is the length. As 13 minutes I am tired.

I think tighter edits on the interview and the photography would really help this piece. My background in the business is as a still photographer and editor and I really want a tighter edit so that the strong images shine. As a journalist I would like a tighter audio edit so that I identify with the subject and hear his story but not get tired of his plight.

The map was nice, but it was not clear to me if that was George’s path.

What I really needed was context. How many people are doing this a year? How many make it to Europe? Did George make it? If so I would like to see him there? Is this a crisis? The start of a problem? The effect of economics or war?

You get my attention with the piece but then I am left wondering: Is there a call to action? Can people help? How?

I am glad you are back from your multimedia hiatus.

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Eric Seals June 16, 2010, 7:47 a.m. permalink

I thought it was well done from the shooting style to the music.

Michael nailed all the points I was thinking about when watching this, the biggest being the length of time. As focused as I was on the piece, I had to hit the space bar a few times to just breathe and stretch.

It was a lot to take in one sitting at a computer, but don't let that distract or discourage you. You have powerful stuff in here and is something you should be proud of as I'm sure you are, the time and care you put in this piece shows :-)

Part of me wants to say to do a really good edit and bring it down in time but the other part of me is cool with the way it is.
Perhaps it is a case of watching it on a 17 in Mac Book Pro versus a TV??

Congrats man on something powerful, I hope your hiatus was short and you guys are back to doing some more compelling stuff.


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