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Colin Mulvany Feb. 19, 2013, 9:59 p.m. permalink

Nice work James.  I can see you took some time with this edit.

Nicely paced story with good emotion and strong characters. I like how you open the video. You pulled me in and keep my interest. The opening music was perfect for setting the mood of this story. Also, good use of music to enhance the emotion without piling on throughout the rest of the story. It is hard to find the right music bed, but I think you got it right here.

Your interview audio is nice and clean. I see you used a H4 Zoom to record your second source audio. I didn't see a wireless mic on the subjects. DId you boom this? Or use a shotgun low?  Good use of weaving in natural sound of the family interacting. To many times on stories like these, the interview audio never takes a break. Your nat sound is intimate, which really helps the viewer connect better with the subjects.  

You have good sequencing, but I still could see places to break down your wide, medium and tight shots more. 

It looks like you faced a lot of tough lighting conditions, which made for some funky color balances and exposures. Did you color correct your footage? The blue (cyan) footage at the hospital stood out to me as something that could use some warming up. 

As for the story, it seems a bit unfinished to me. It needs a stronger resolution. Some questions I had was how the family copes financially with having a sick child. The husband touches on it when he say marriages break up over challenges like this, but I wanted more. 

You might want to follow up later and see what happens to the child. If he becomes cancer free that would be a stellar ending. If not, well, there is all sorts of storytelling in that sad narrative. 

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Jason Macqueen July 15, 2014, 7:39 p.m. permalink

When I first saw that this was a 6 minute video I didn't think I was going to make it through.  But I was hooked from the start.

Really liked the starting sequence.  Great music and shots.  

 I was just at the point of going "soooo, what's the story here" when you introduced that their child was sick as well.  So for me that hook was presented just at the right time.

Like Colin said the interviews and nat sound were weaved together very professionally and kept the story flowing.  

A Particular "like" was the close up shot of the child's hand with the paint on it as he started painting on the wall.

As far as color correction goes, I did not notice any issues.  My take on it was that the hospital should look different from the home.  Not sure if you intended it and it sounds like it didn't work for Colin but I liked it.

Anyway, I know you posted this a year ago, not to sure if you will even read this but good job.


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