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Adam Wisneski Aug. 11, 2010, 10:03 p.m. permalink

Very nicely done. I thought you had a good variety of shots, good moments, great, great audio quality and quotes, and you both matched what he was talking about with the visuals, which is not easy to do. 

This is a very solid audio slideshow. I liked how I got to hear from a lot of different people who spoke about him. THe young girl was funny and gave me some insight into how other people view this guy. You even had a little narrative going with the girl and Chick, and had me wondering if they were going to go home together.  I liked his quotes about what blues is and how important it is to him. 

I came away from this with a smile, feeling like you def. gave me a glimpse into this guys life. Great character development in this project. Quotes were strong and not repetitive. 

A couple things that would have elevated it even higher for me. 

One: A part of me wanted to see how he was when he wasn't playing his guitar. How he interacted (or didn't interact) when he wasn't on stage. I wanted to see his car, his guitar case, and other details that told me about him without actually seeing him. Think people without people. I think that would have helped break up the shots so that he wasn't in every one. After a while, I wondered how many angles/lighting variations of the same guy you could get. A shot of this guy putting his guitar case in the car would have made a great ending shot. I'm sure you all were limited by time at a workshop though. 

Two: Technically some of the photos weren't sharp. It was clear when it was intentional (guitar blur), but the ones that bothered me were only slightly blurred. Shots at 1:09, 1:46, 2:04. It looked bright enough that you could've stopped down your shutter speed one or two clicks. Or if you're using flash, make sure you're at a sync speed that'll stop the fast movement. Looks like sometimes you were blending ambient and flash, but the mix was a bit overexposed and blurry.

Overall job really well done. I'm sure you were on a tight enough deadline too.


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Emiel Elgersma Aug. 12, 2010, 6:10 a.m. permalink

Thank you Adam,

The whole thing was arranged and shot in less then 12 hours, so yes indeed, there was a tight deadline. 

I agree with the type of shots. Next time I will try to have some more variety in them. I will also have a second look at my images, maybe should get rid of the ones you suggested and find some alternatives.

Thanks for the feedback again!

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