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Eric Seals April 15, 2012, 4:51 p.m. permalink

Hi Andrew,

I liked this piece a lot.  It just had a good feel to it with everything from Kevin being a great interview to your shooting and the editing/pacing of it. I learned a lot about this bike artist.

LOVED how you started this off with the camera mounted behind his feet as he pedaled and the music that came in was perfect. Good sequencing there with a variety of shots up to the :22 sec mark when you cut to him building. A great way visually hook and keep us.
One thing I did notice however Andrew is just the slighted camera shake at certain points.  Not really disturbing but in reviewing and giving constructive criticism something to think about making smoother either through better and tighter mounting or if you're using FCP applying the smooth cam filter.   

For the time of the video at 3:04 you had my interested the whole time.

I can tell you get the idea of shooting wide at a scene then cut in tight to a detail or moment of that same scene, you do that well and there were no jump was all done smoothly.  Nice!!

Here are a few things in watching this a few times that I wanted to mention.

1. Would have been great to have seen nice video portraits of Kevin with a variety of his bikes (I think he said he created 9) Something along the lines of shooting each bike with the same background and Kevin in front of them, on them, etc.  You could build a nice quick sequence of that to cover when he's talking about all the bikes he's built.

2. That Toaster bike??  WOW!! That was awesome looking.  Mounting a camera on that bike as he drives around would have been great.  Shooting long with another camera as he comes at you, the reaction of cars passing by, people on the street or the sidewalk, etc.  Might have been moments where people stopped him to asking about it etc.  Stuff like that could have brought not only more personality to this piece but also a good nat sound break and other voices.

3.  I hit on it at the end of #2 but having other voices would have helped. Other artists, the voice of someone on the street who is curious or an admirer of his creation etc.

Of course adding these things or others might make it longer but that's the joy in doing this, having great options to craft the story in so many different ways in different lengths until you get it just right.

Seems like we are never ever finished at telling a story but you did a great job with this Andrew!!

Looking forward to seeing what other videos you have or will do.



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Andrew Nixon April 16, 2012, 9:19 a.m. permalink

Thanks, Eric!  Do you know of any contests that this would be appropriate for?

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Eric Seals April 16, 2012, 10:15 a.m. permalink

Sure, hope my comments helped and gave you things to think about in the future.

I can't think of any contests, most of the ones that I know of have already happened.


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Andrew Nixon April 16, 2012, 10:39 a.m. permalink

Most definitely this will help me in the future.  Thanks.

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