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Eric Seals Sept. 29, 2012, 11:19 a.m. permalink

Hi Phil,

Really loved the way you opened this piece with the nice natural sound of the blade scraping off hair for the tattoo then to the intro of your papers logo and the blowing sound simultaneous to the title.  Great!!!
Really good narration and a good story to tell with a great message and I like how you wrapped it up with kids and the lessons they are learning from him.

I thought you did a good job with this with everything from the visuals to the audio.  

A few things that I thought could of made this better.

1. Would of been nice to have seen pictures of Patrick (if he had any) when he was an addict to take us back to that time. Maybe in doing that we could of seen how different he looked back then compared to now.

2. Something was up with the quality of your video.  I see you're shooting with a EX1 but often things seemed blown out, lower quality video. Was the gain on to high? Look at the shot at :43 seconds, by the window it should look better than that.

3. The shutter speed you were shooting at often made things with movement to have a little blur to it as if you were shooting at 30 or 60 not 125 or 250.  

3. There were many times when I thought your camera work was not as smooth and steady as it usually is in pieces I've seen and reviewed of yours.  Either using a tripod, monopod or finding a hard surface to put the camera on when shooting would of helped greatly. I'm talking about the part at :45 second and others in the piece.

But overall despite the technical issues and getting us to see how he was in the past when he was a drug addict I thought you did good with this.

Sorry it took so long to review.  I've been busy with projects but back to reviewing on FtF

Keep up the good work :-)


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