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Kathy Strauss May 28, 2010, 11:53 a.m. permalink

This has the potential to be a good story. You found an interesting character, but I want more. I want to hear him being funny. I want to hear him live on stage making people laugh. I also want to know what it means to be born addicted to methadone -- does it affect his life in anyway today or is it just a good story to tell? He talks about being a dad and family guy so I would like to see them together. Is this a story you can keep working on? If so, go back, do more!

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Tony Overman May 28, 2010, noon permalink

I think the interview is very nice. It starts really strong, and ends nicely. We are starting to get to know the subject and the angst that all comedians seem to have driving them. But it's just scratching the surface, I feel.
I agree with Kathy that I don't really get how the methadone addiction has affected him. It's advertised as a main point of your story, but doesn't go into it. What does it mean to be born addicted to methadone...is he still?
I'm always bothered by b-roll video that doesn't have any natural sound...even just little bit will do for me. There's actually no nat sound throughout the whole piece, it's just a really clean interview. I want more!
I also agree with Kathy in that I wanted to see him with his family. He starts out saying that he's a father, but we don't get to see that at all.
The photos in the club start to get redundant really quickly, so a mix of locations would have helped...especially something of him with his family at home. (On photo stories, I usually start just before dinner time so they are together doing something). Having those shots would have given you something other than just photos and b-roll at the club.
I, too, was dying to see and hear him on stage making people laugh. That would have been a GREAT contrast to his somber interview. That would have made this a much more compelling story for me. He's a good character, so you should try to keep working to build this story.

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Andrew Nixon May 29, 2010, 11:43 a.m. permalink

First off, I really appreciate the feedback. It's kind of a love fest at school and I rarely hear anything even remotely negative, so thanks for helping me constructively.

I wanted to keep it short and I screwed up the ambient at the show so i didn't delve into his methadone issues and I didn't have too much audio from the show. I'm definitely encouraged to go basically redo this story now though. Thanks again.

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