Merrily on high: Argentina's Andean wine trail (view this story)

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Michael Fagans June 29, 2011, 9:20 p.m. permalink


Solid project. I thought you b-roll illustrated what people were talking about without falling into show and tell. I also found your VO (voice over) worked well and felt natural.

I have to admit that you started losing me at the 5 min mark. I have a few thoughts on that; one of which is you have a three part story but you don't introduce threads two or three until that mark, so the first 2/3rds of the piece are about wine. I will also admit that as a budding wine fan I might have been more interested in that section than other folks. In one sense I think it is easy to talk about why this region is good for grapes, but harder to define for tourism and culture.

First, thanks for the subtitles, I would have been lost without them. That being said, I sometimes was unable to read them because of light backgrounds. Not sure if you considered yellow or floating a screen behind them, but at times it was really hard to follow.

You also had some mic wind noise and there were a few rooms you recorded in that sounded very live. Did you have a lav mic? Shotgun mic? Or just the mic on the Z1? Careful with adjusting your overall audio levels too, some interviews were louder than others.

I did not notice your slowed down shots, so kudos on that. I did find that some of the mountain shots seemed overexposed (but that could just be a monitor calibration issue on the camera, your monitor or my monitor). I am not as familiar with Vegas as some of the other programs so I don't know if you can pull back mid tones in that program like you can in FCP (final cut pro).

Overall I liked the piece. I thought you kept my attention visually. I think there are a number of ways you could have woven the three threads together instead of an A,B,C progression but I think some of that is what "feels" right to you as a producer.

I look forward to seeing your next piece.

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