Minnesota Twins: Life without baseball (view this story)

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James Cuff June 11, 2011, 4:52 a.m. permalink

Hi McKenna, thanks for sharing.

That was great. I really liked the concept of the introduction, although I thought it went on a little long. I wanted to see, or even hear, the players earlier.

When Jim Thome came on the screen I thought there was too much of a delay before he started speaking. You could have started it after he puts his tongue back in his mouth. The same for after Thome's answer.

The transition between each player early on is also a bit too long for me. It's completely subjective but I liked the pace of the video later on.

Did you try a more punchy edit? I really like the feel of the piece but not necessarily in the context of the question and the answers. The pace of editing, if faster, would have accentuated some of the comedy in the answers.

The look of the piece is wonderful. Very nicely shot and framed. I know it's sometimes difficult in these situations but it would have been nice to see the players in different framings. This would have made a faster paced edit work.

Please don't be offended by my thoughts. They are just some things that I would have done differently. It really is subjective.

Overall, I really liked the piece. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to the Vikes version.

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Pat Shannahan June 11, 2011, 8:47 a.m. permalink

I thought this was a cool idea. Some of the responses you got were interesting or maybe surprising. The pacing was a little slow. I agree with James about liking the pacing further into the video. I do like the transitions thought. I'd be curious to know how you went about doing those. Maybe you could have kept the interesting transitions but just made them a little faster. A stronger ending might have been to close with the guy saying,"Thank god for baseball." The last quote you have is a non-quote. He didn't seem to put as much thought into his answer as some of the other guys. I like the concept thought. Nice work.

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Eric Seals June 13, 2011, 6:55 a.m. permalink

Nice job McKenna!

I love the look of it with the Supersampler toy camera you used and the idea of it was fantastic.

For me the start was really nice with the way you have the stills move in different directions, the music selection, the sounds of baseball in rhythm  
with the movement.

What James and Pat said is right on from the framing of players during the interview to the pace. 

The transition at 1:06 with the baseballs was very quick and didn't feel right to me compared to the nice transitions you had with the Supersampler toy camera .

Way to think outside the box on this with the stills and concept!


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