Montford Marines go back in time with old WWII pictures (view this story)

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Brandon Ross Feb. 2, 2014, 11:33 a.m. permalink

I do a lot of military stories so I really appreciated this piece. I thought you did an excellent job capturing these guys all together, looking over the old photos. And for my money, old photos are hard to beat when telling a great story.
The lighting was great. I'm betting the four-shot was tough to light.
Loved the funny, laughing moments. The over-the-shoulder shot of the guy pointing to a photo was nice.
The idea to hang those photos and use of the light bulb was remarkably poignant. Really nice.

My only suggestions (and I'm really nitpicking; these are probably totally a matter of opinion):

-I thought the opening quote was out of place. It was so poignant, then the mood switched to casual in the guy's kitchen. I would liked to have heard that quote later in the piece, while they are looking over the photos.
-Audio on the four-shot seemed a little low at times.
-CG for the four-shot could have been better.
-I did notice the color temperature difference on the old photos, but I've struggled with that myself many many times. Half of the time I convert them all to grayscale so they match. The other half of the time I leave them as is. It certainly didn't take me out of the story on this piece. 

Really well done. 

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Eric Seals Feb. 23, 2014, 9:36 a.m. permalink

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for taking the time to review my Montford Marine piece.

I opened it like that for two reasons one, the visual theme of the light and two the immediacy of who it was and the story theme of pictures. The first Montford video I shot and produced 8 months or so earlier ended with Robert Hassler and I wanted to open with him for that and the other reasons I mentioned above. I did play around with the open and it just seemed natural to me to do that.

I agree on the 4 shot audio was low. I only had two lav's to use. One on the table to pick up everyone (as best it could) and the other lav I put on the one Marine who I knew would talk the most and had the 2nd Marine who I knew would talk next to the Marine with the lav. Wish I had used a shotgun mic aimed down at them and out of frame.

By CG what do you mean??

Yep color temp on the old pictures was just one of those things I just had to leave it "it is what it is" I had 88 pictures printed on the same printer at Costco with their printer profile matching mine on my Mac where I toned them. Still it came out a bit uneven. Oh well  :-)

Thanks again for taking the time out to watch and review. Take care


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Brandon Ross Feb. 23, 2014, 9:47 a.m. permalink

Hi, Eric. Thanks for the thoughtful response.

CG = character graphics aka lower third graphics.

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Eric Seals Feb. 23, 2014, 12:44 p.m. permalink

Ah yes, I see.

In hindsight I should of had a black bar with their names in white on the bottom perhaps. 

Of I could of had the name up briefly each time one of the guys spoke.

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