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Michael Fagans April 11, 2011, 5:28 p.m. permalink


Thank you so much for the closed caption note.

I think in addition to the glidetrack, it is worth picking up or using sticks (a tripod). There were some shots with motion that did not bother me, but on 'set shots' the sticks would have helped you and as for the viewer provided less visual distraction from the subject.

There were some really nicely framed shots and I liked the use of the glidetrack at the soccer field. I also appreciated your letting action move in and out of the frame.

As a viewer, only watching one of three videos you refer to, I have a few questions: How did the program start? Why? Who started it? How do the 'authorities' react to the students? Is the program effective? Please don't misunderstand me. This is an interesting subject, it is just that your piece raises more questions for me then it answers.

I also feel as though you might have been able to break the video into two sections or complete videos. One with Rizlen, the other with Karsten. It could be a language gap, but I could not make a connection between the two other than one was a youth and the other enjoyed working with youth.

This sounds like a very innovative program and I look forward to seeing more of your work on this subject.

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Andrew Satter April 12, 2011, 2:25 p.m. permalink

Emiel, I too enjoyed watching this - lots of great shots and some innovative camera work. But like Michael, I was a bit confused as to what this story was trying to say. In fact, I was a bit confused as to who is the intended audience. Is this supposed to be an advertisement for the Youth Ambassadors program, or is it meant for general interest news consumption? The music and photo-shoot like b-roll made it feel more like the former.

In terms of storytelling, unless it was a language barrier thing, I felt there was a disconnect between the action and the words. For example, at the beginning she is talking about how no one listens to the youth, and the juxtaposition of them playing ping pong and smiling and laughing is a bit odd. And when she's talking about how her job is to solve problems, we just see b-roll of her walking around town. Would have been great to get some documentary-type footage of her working with youths to solve a pressing issue (nat sound would be good, too). I'm being told what she does, but I'm not being shown.

But overall it was a fun piece to watch, and I look forward to seeing the rest of the series.

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Emiel Elgersma April 14, 2011, 1:47 a.m. permalink

Thanks for the feedback:

About the video; they where shot to show during an event about youth participation. These 3 projects were awarded. That is also why some journalistic questions about how effective is the program are not in there.

How did the program start? is not answered in the video, but the Why-question is, but maybe it is not clear enough in the subs. It's because it's hard for the local government to know what young people want and need.

We had to add Karsten in the video as it was one of the requirments. Personally my first idea was to document more the action of Rizlen only, and visit also on of the meetings with the youth council. But because of lack of time (1 day to shoot both persons) this was not possible. Also we planned to go to one other place to shoot some real work action of Rizlen, but this was canceled last minute. 

About the tripod. The part of Karsten was shot with tripod, but it broke down half way the day... so we had to improvise a bit :)

@andrew: the 'problem' to document these stories is that there is a lot of talking and office shots, which arent the most fun to look at. That's why we choose to use this ping-pong action. But I agree it is a bit strange that the talks and images don't fit. The  same with the walking, personaly I rather see someone walking around the city she's trying to make a better place then seeing her working at a computer.

Thanks all for watching! 
Also from the other people who helped producing and editing this video.

PS: Another video from this Youth Council Series  in Rotterdam:


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