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Eric Seals Aug. 1, 2010, 6 p.m. permalink

"I've eaten everything that's in here!"  That's classic. LOL!!

Great idea Andrew with Office Space videos.  

Clever and original and you really showed his personality, he wasn't nearly as stiff as I thought a politician in DC might be.

I love all his sound bites, the music and the way you opened the piece. 

I also don't mind him being the only voice but I would have loved to have seen you be in the office when other people come in for an office tour with them pointing oohing and ahhing over his trophies as they pose for pictures with him. I could just see him (mic'd up) all excited and telling stories to them.  Maybe that stuff just didn't happen or there was not time to do all that I'm just thinking how else to make this video shine more.

Did he have any pictures of himself when he was out hunting all these animals? To see a member of Congress out on a safari hunt etc mixed in with your video would have helped kind of place is in the environment he was in during the hunt.

Looks like you just used the lighting in his office and sometimes it was a bit dark. Video lights or just interviewing him in one spot in front of that window would have made the visual of his interview pop. I do understand  it was kind of a walking tour of his office so you might not have wanted to have him sit the whole time but adding your own light would have helped I believe.

But with all that said Andrew I love the idea, concept and approach you took with this video.  Just a few of the things I mentioned would really help it out.

Do you work with Scott Ferrell? If so please tell him I said hi. He and I did a workshop at UC Berkeley a couple of years ago and stay in touch from time to time.

Nice job and love your idea!  Can I steal it???  LOL!!



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Andrew Satter Aug. 2, 2010, 6:37 a.m. permalink

Hi Eric, thanks so much for the review. That's a great point about spending some more time in there and filming him showing off his office. I hadn't thought of that and it would be a good way to add some more personality to the piece.

Yeah, the lighting on Capitol Hill totally stinks, but the caveat I have is that there is a photographer right next to me snapping photos and I can't use a light that will mess up his photos (it wasn't Scott on this one, but I'll be sure to tell him you said 'hello'!). Does anyone on here have any suggestions of a light to use that won't make the subject look unnaturally lit for the photo?

The other complication in producing these pieces is that we usually have about 10-15 minutes with the member, sometimes even less. They are usually fitting us in in between votes and I even once had to chase a member down the hall to get my wireless mic back when he rushed out to vote. I would love to be able to take more time and set things up, but it's pretty run and gun. We do have all the time we need in the office to get b-roll and other visuals so I will start asking the staff if they can track down other visuals for me of things that aren't in the office.

Thanks again for the review. You gave me some good ideas and by all means, steal away. I'm already planning on stealing a few things I've seen others post here :)

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Eric Seals Aug. 2, 2010, 7:29 a.m. permalink

Cool, glad I could help out.

A good on camera light that I use is from Alzo and it only cost $105. Throws off lights of good light and has a dimmer on it as well

For 10 to 15 minutes in between votes I thought you did good. Asking staff to track down visuals (pictures etc) ahead of time will help.

Looking forward to your next Office Space and hope you'll post it on FtF


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