Orlanod hosts World Yo-Yo Contest (view this story)

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Eric Seals Dec. 22, 2011, 11:36 a.m. permalink

Hi Jon,

I got a lot out of it in terms of the story with a good group of yo-yo'ers, interesting facts and good answers from your questions.

What I didn't get and really wanted to see were some nice visuals, framing editing, quick cuts and overall look of the piece.  Yo-yo'ing is so fast paced that parts of the video could have reflexed that in everything from the motion of the yo-yo's to an overall look of the crowd sped up in FCP or in camera to show some of the fast paced nature of this event.

Everything seems distance and no risks taken with the shooting to be honest.  Totally get it was done in two hours but I would have loved to have seen;

The look and concentration on the yo-yo'ers faces (like going in much tighter on that guy in the still above kind of thing) 
Some graphic visual look at yo-yo's, exploring the look, color etc of them.
I noticed their hand work was really amazing, show that tight of their hands and fingers working fast.

More action;
The interplay of yo-yo's and the space with them coming in and out of your frame.

Video portraits;
Have the guys you were interviewing up against the black curtain divider that I see (if that's possible) and shoot them yo-yo'ing for b-roll so when they are talking you have more interesting video of them instead of them in a crowded and busy convention hall.

Yo-yo tricks;
Would have been cool to have found one person who knows tons of tricks (walk the dog, around the world, etc) and have him or her do that and could have worked that into the piece somehow.

Having fun with this piece in everything from the visuals to the edit and moments would have made this sing more than it did.

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year :-)


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