Out of the Darkness (view this story)

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Michael Fagans Nov. 29, 2010, 9:19 p.m. permalink


Nice, short piece. Good use of music, strong interview.

A few thoughts. Think about wide, medium, tight and tighter shots; especially during the walk portion. I can imagine shots of just feet, tight shots of faces, perhaps a shot framed with something.

Watch your mic cord, personally it doesn't take that much effort to ask the person to run the cord inside their shirt, give them privacy if they need it, but that was something that caught my eye.

Too bad they lit candles in bright sunlight, not your fault.

Watch your hand held shots, really work on creating a more stable platform and same thing with your tripod shots, hold them both for at least 10 seconds and let things enter and leave the frame, be patient.

Overall a solid project. I look forward to your next submission.

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