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Will Yurman May 4, 2010, 7:50 a.m. permalink

Cute story. I thought you did a good job of having fun with it. You mentioned flaws with the audio - the biggest problem I heard was a mixing one - lots of single channel audio that needed to be two channel. It's a strange affect, especially with headphones having the audio switch from ear to ear.

But that's easily fixed in the editing. If you're not sure how, I'm sure a million people on this site will gladly show you.:)

Storywise, I think the video suffers a bit from saving your best stuff. The video is at its best for me with the quick cuts of people talking about potatoes.

You spend about 25 seconds on your intro - that's a huge chunk of a two-minute story and it doesn't really add much. It felt like one long set up to the 'somethings cooking' punch line - which is pretty cliched.

It's not til nearly the 30 second mark that things get fun.

I think it would have been much better to just start with all the people - there's a little mystery then of 'what are they talking about' that you lose with your setup. Show the visuals of them getting ready,hear the people talking about how great it is in that fast cut way and it would be much more engaging.

I would also have cut it much faster - let people almost step on each other's voices, have one person start talking while you're still seeing the person before... video editors talk about J cuts and L cuts - editing the audio and video separately. I think it can be really effective in situations like this. It would really tie it all together and make it flow more smoothly.

I'm not opposed to narration by any means - it can be a great way to connect the dots, advance a story, get the facts across. But don't let it slow down a story or get in the way.

Overall it was fun to watch.

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