RC cars can make you feel young again (view this story)

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Chuck Fadely June 17, 2010, 4:04 p.m. permalink

Love the in-car camera! Great crash footage! Visuals are terrific.

Overall this is a visual treat and an entertaining story. You were really creative on the camera mounting and angles, and the folks you talked to did a good job of explaining the activity.

I loved the opening car shot and the motor noise audio, once you got past the sound bite running under the video bumper.

But you had a little too much a-roll... you had some great sound bites - "bored.. I had a garden but I don't even like eating vegetables," "maserati against an escort," but you also had some pretty mundane ones - the 'feel like a kid' and 'work on your car' and 'one of us' bites from 1:19 to the end, kind of wrapped up your piece with a whimper instead of a bang.

Really wanted to hear some nat sound banter, talk, or yelling - the car noises were great, could have used some people pops in there, too. I'd like to hear the interaction going on. Shoot with your ears as well as your eyes.

And finally, it desperately needs reaction to the action. When a car crashes, I want to see the reaction of the driver. Shooting action/reaction should be the most basic and fundamental thing you do all the time when you're shooting video - it really makes the edit easier and the story flow better.

You did a great job of match-cutting action - good job on the edit.

It's really hard to resist the temptation to be a newspaper journalist when you're shooting video but too many exes - explication, exposition, and explanation - will really bog down a video story and aren't really necessary. It's ok to have the video run for a bit with nat sound and no a-roll if the visuals are compelling and the nats are good.

I'm sorta ambivalent about the 'describe it in one word' approach to starting the story. It's not bad, but It came off as a little predictable here. I think I would have moved the vegetable garden sound bite up sooner.

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Eric Seals June 17, 2010, 6:46 p.m. permalink

Thanks for watching the video and giving me feedback.

Good call Chuck on the nat sound banter, talking, yelling and especially on the reaction to action of cars crashing into each other. That didn't even cross my mine and thinking about it now it totally make sense.

Thanks man! :-)


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